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Events on SYNMARKET can be created by each participant. Each event can be either entered individually on the surface or imported. Just like products and solutions events can be rated. On SYNMARKET two types are distinguished: webinar and on-site event. Accordingly, the data differs depending on the type of event. An event can also be booked in the non-registered state, in particular non-members of SYNMARKET can book events as well. Exception: The visibility of an event is restricted to invited users. In this case, only the invited, registered users can see the event and sign up for it. In general, an event can include the following properties:
  • name and description of the event
  • location or URL of the event
  • start and end
  • deadline and max. number of participants
  • category of the event
  • price of event for SYNAXON or non-SYNAXON Partners
  • contact for events
  • up to 5 pictures of the event
  • certificate
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