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Terms and Conditions
1 Scope of the terms
SYNAXON UK (hereinafter referred to as SYNAXON) operates SYNMARKET on the website www.synmarket.co.uk, a social networking-based internet platform on which members can, after successful registration, offer, distribute or purchase products, solutions and events, provided that their offer, distribution or acquisition does not violate any law or these Terms and Conditions. SYNAXON itself does not become a contractual partner, but as a service provider only provides the platform as a marketplace for the purpose of business initiation as well as business transactions. The conclusion of contracts and their fulfillment takes place exclusively between the registered members. The functions and services of SYNMARKET are aimed exclusively at entrepreneurs. Any contract with consumers is excluded. For the use of SYNMARKET, only the following General Terms and Conditions of SYNAXON apply in the version valid at the time of the transaction. Members undertake to recognize and comply with the rules set forth in these Terms and Conditions whenever SYNMARKET is used.
2 General Terms of Use of SYNMARKET
SYNMARKET offers its members the technical possibility to use SYNMARKET in the framework provided by SYNAXON to publish their own content. Members are required to comply with applicable law and the terms of these Terms and Conditions when using the SYNAXON website. It is the responsibility of each member to ensure that their offers or content are lawful and do not violate third party rights. The intended retrieval of the SYNAXON website and of SYNMARKET is basically open to everyone and is possible without prior registration. In order to be able to view the company profiles and to trade on SYNMARKET and thus be able to use the added value of the application, registration as a member is absolutely necessary. The costs and fees charged by SYNAXON for the use of SYNMARKET are set out in the schedule of fees (see point 7).
2.1 Registration
The offering, distribution and acquisition of goods and services through SYNMARKET is reserved exclusively for partners of SYNAXON UK Ltd. It is not necessary to register if an EGIS access already exists. Otherwise, a free registration is possible. Further information on EGIS access or registration can be obtained by calling the telephone number 0300 304 7844 or at accountmanagers@synaxon.co.uk.

After first logging into the SYNMARKET system, members must agree to these General Terms and Conditions. By registering and using SYNMARKET's features and services, members declare and warrant that they have provided complete and accurate information requested by SYNAXON upon registration. The authorized member declares with the agreement to these terms and conditions that the member is entitled, with the express consent of its employees, to create, modify and publish their personal data in the company profile. Registration is only allowed for legal entities, partnerships and sole proprietorships. The registration of one of the aforementioned legal forms may only be carried out by a person authorized to represent himself, who must be named. With the proper registration, a contract is made between SYNAXON and the member for the use of the SYNAXON website (license agreement). SYNAXON reserves the right to delete applications for incomplete company profiles after a reasonable period of time.

SYNAXON provides access data (user name, password) to its members. Each member is obliged to treat this access data as confidential at all times and not to disclose it to any third party, as well as to retain the access data in such a way that it can not become known to unauthorized persons. If the member has the suspicion that third parties have unauthorized possession of such data, it must notify SYNAXON immediately so that appropriate countermeasures can be taken. A violation of these obligations will result in criminal and civil law consequences.
2.2 Contractual penalty
If the member breaches the prohibition on passing on access data to third parties, it shall pay to SYNAXON any contractual penalty to be determined by SYNAXON in its reasonable discretion and to review it in the event of dispute over the adequacy of the competent court for any culpable infringement. The member can not derive any rights from the non-enforcement of contractual penalties.
2.3 Type of Trade
Members are supported by SYNMARKET for various types of trade. All members can maintain their company profile, offer products, solutions and events, inform themselves and buy or sign up for them.
2.3.1 Solution trading
Solutions are goods or services that can not be clearly identified by a product number and often have to be individually adapted to the requirements of the customer. The evaluation of solutions is available to all SYNMARKET participants.
If members of SYNMARKET offer IT-solutions that are not pure services but also include the sale of products (such as hardware), the products included in the solutions are subject to the following guidelines, which also apply to pure product trading:
The provider decides which products he wants to market on SYNMARKET. Products offered on SYNMARKET must already be in the immediate possession of the provider at the time of listing. Exceptions to this are software licenses. It is not allowed to buy the product offered for sale from another supplier until the product has been sold. The provider is obliged to describe the product offered for sale as accurately as possible and to send and transfer the product to the customer after conclusion of a purchase contract. In the description, all the characteristics essential to the purchase decision, as well as errors that reduce the value of the goods offered, must be given truthfully. In addition, the details of the payment and delivery must be fully informed.
The Provider warrants that all products offered comply with the applicable CE regulations and have been manufactured in compliance with European product safety regulations and standards, in particular with regard to electrical safety and personal protection against damage through mains voltage or high voltage or damage from fire. The member is prohibited from offering assemblies or systems which do not meet the above mentioned criteria.
The product description as well as the pictures used therein must not infringe data protection, exploitation, copyright, contract, or other rights of third persons and must refer exclusively to the offered service. It is forbidden to use misleading product names. SYNAXON assumes no responsibility for the accuracy of the information provided by the members regarding the object of purchase or the service offered. SYNAXON does not claim any rights to the published texts, files, images, videos, sounds, copyright or other materials (collectively "content"). It is prohibited to publish, modify, distribute or reproduce copyrighted content, trademarks or other proprietary information of others without the prior written consent of the owner of such intellectual property rights. All rights to such content remain with the rights holders once they have been made available or posted through any SYNMARKET feature or service, and they may still have it at their disposal. Members agree to pay all fees and other charges owed to a person by posting content about SYNMARKET's features and services. SYNAXON is entitled to terminate the membership of members, who repeatedly violate the property rights of others, without notice.
2.4 Release from liability
The member undertakes to indemnify SYNAXON from all claims of third parties, which assert these against SYNAXON due to its content, statements, images and more, regardless of the legal grounds. The indemnity is payable, including costs incurred by SYNAXON for possible infringement. With the consent of the member with these general terms and conditions, it also agrees with the above exemption.
2.5 Forbidden Activities
Prohibited activities are those that are illegal or that can not be published through SYNMARKET's features and services. It is forbidden to offer products or solutions whose offer, sale or purchase violates statutory provisions or these terms and conditions. SYNAXON reserves the right to review any person who violates this provision in the sole discretion of SYNAXON and to take appropriate legal action. These include in particular:
  • criminal or tortious acts, including child pornography, fraud, harassment, adult content trading, drug trafficking, gambling, stalking, spamming, spying, spreading viruses and other harmful files, copyright infringement, patent infringement or theft of trade secrets
  • disruption, interruption or excessive loading of SYNMARKET services
  • the use of the account, username or password of another member
  • use of SYNMARKET's features and services in a manner that violates applicable laws and regulations
SYNAXON reserves the right, at its sole discretion, to refuse to publish content or to delete previously published content or to restrict, suspend or terminate access to SYNMARKET's features and services, in whole or in part, without notice.
2.6 Exclusion of members
SYNAXON is entitled to exclude individual members of SYNMARKET. If there are specific indications that a member is in breach of law, third party rights, or the SYNAXON Terms and Conditions, or if SYNAXON has any other legitimate interest in an exclusion, SYNAXON may take following actions:
  • delete offers or content
  • warning of members
  • restricting the use of SYNMARKET
  • provisional or final exclusion
A final exclusion from the use of SYNMARKET occurs when the member:
  • has repeatedly received negative ratings in the rating system and excludes the interests of other market participants
  • has given untrue contact details
  • transfers his eligibility, in particular his access authorization to SYNMARKET, to third parties
  • damages other members or SYNAXON to a considerable exten
  • or another important reason
SYNAXON reserves the right to terminate the license agreement in writing at any time with a notice period of 2 weeks to the end of the month. The right to exclusion remains unaffected.
3 Privacy
The member is hereby informed that SYNAXON processes its personal data in machine-readable form and for tasks resulting from the usage agreement. As far as SYNAXON uses third parties to provide the services offered, SYNAXON is entitled to pass on the member data to them, as far as it is necessary within the scope of the usage contract. SYNAXON guarantees that all persons entrusted by SYNAXON with the execution of the contract know and adhere to the relevant data protection regulations. Members are aware that personal information will be displayed on the SYNAXON website, provided the level of confidentiality of that information is considered low. The member can independently control the confidentiality levels of his profile information on the SYNMARKET platform. For the rest, reference is made to the privacy policy for SYNMARKET.
4 Communication
4.1 Company profile
The company profile of each member represents a central communication building block of SYNMARKET. Each registered user has the possibility to access the individual company profiles and to have aggregated view of all relevant information about the company. The extent of the information to be viewed can be determined individually by each member. In addition, it is possible to limit the visibility of the company profile for specific user groups. The contact information of the member is defined as the one that is stored in the company profile of the respective member account. Each member commits himself according to registration (see point 2.1 registration) to keep the stored data in the company profile up to date. The completeness of the data of a company profile is displayed in the form of a percentage directly next to the company name in the respective company profile. If the specified data changes after the registration, the member himself is obliged to correct the information in his company profile immediately.
4.2 Communication between members
Members can communicate via SYNMARKET via e-mail or telephone, the details are visible to all users, provided they have been properly maintained.
5 Disclaimer and Limitations
5.1 Availability of the website
According to the current state of the art, the data communication over the internet can not be guaranteed error-free and always available. SYNAXON is therefore not liable for the availability of the platform at any time, nor for data loss caused by technical failures, interrupted data transfers or other problems in this context.
5.2 Content of this website
SYNAXON can not be held liable for the information and content provided by SYNMARKET as well as any damage resulting from the use of this content. SYNAXON is also not liable for any disruption or damage arising in connection with an order or its execution. When using the offers contained in SYNMARKET, a separate legal relationship arises between the respective members, which is independent of a legal relationship between the member and SYNAXON. Claims in connection with the purchase of a good or service exist exclusively towards the respective member as a seller.
SYNAXON expressly states that content posted by members within SYNMARKET, such as statements, information, opinions, recommendations, photos, and more, is not proprietary to SYNAXON or is made on its behalf. Rather, they are only subjective statements from members that have not been reviewed by SYNAXON. It can therefore be that the statements made do not correspond to the truth or violate the rights of third parties. It may also be that persons listed as sender are not the sender of the statements or their authors. Statements may also deliberately aim to mislead or deceive members. Of course, SYNAXON tries to delete such content and asks in this regard for information to the email address accounmamagers@synaxon.co.uk. SYNAXON is not responsible for such content. The same applies to external links set by members.
5.3 Compensation
For damages, no matter from which results, SYNAXON is liable for intent and gross negligence as well as for breach of a material contractual obligation (cardinal obligation). SYNAXON is liable, subject to the limitation of compensation for typical foreseeable damages, for damages resulting from a slightly negligent breach of cardinal obligations by you or one of its legal representatives or vicarious agents. For slightly negligent breaches of secondary duties, which are not cardinal obligations, SYNAXON is not liable.
Further claims of the member, for whatever legal reason, are excluded. In particular, SYNAXON is not liable for consequential damages or other financial losses of the member, in particular not for lost profits.
If the liability of SYNAXON is excluded or limited, this also applies to the personal liability of its employees, legal representatives and vicarious agents.
Liability for damage resulting from injury to life, limb or health remains unaffected.
6 Rating system
6.1 When will a review be submitted
Members of SYNMARKET should rate each other after completing a business transaction. The two contractual partners are requested by email to submit the evaluation. If the evaluation does not take place, the contracting parties will continue to be informed in the course of a monthly "ToDos" mail.
6.2 Type of rating
The members have the opportunity to give positive, neutral and negative reviews and to comment on the evaluation in a free text field. The members are obliged to provide only truthful information in the submitted evaluations. Any statements that run counter to the objective of the rating system, in particular incorrect, unobjective or offensive statements, are to be omitted. The ratings each member has received are visible to each member of SYNMARKET.
7 Fee overview
The intended retrieval of the SYNAXON website and SYNMARKET is basically open to everyone. The use of basic features, such as searching and surfing on SYNMARKET, are free of charge and without prior registration, except for internet connection costs. In order to be able to view the company profiles and to trade on SYNMARKET and thus be able to use the added value of the application, registration as a member is absolutely necessary. Registering as a member and creating a company profile as well as offering solutions and events are free.
SYNAXON earns a commission of 1.0 percent on all net billing values ​​made by a member from the sale of products through SYNMARKET. The commission is payable by the provider / seller. The billing of commissions is monthly. The monthly billing is based on the data stored in the SYNMARKET database. In case of cancellation, a credit will be issued.
7.1 Term / Termination
The user agreement between SYNAXON and the member is unlimited in duration. It can be terminated by either party with a notice period of 2 weeks to the end of the month. Termination requires written form.
8 Final regulations
8.1 Jurisdiction
If the member is a merchant, a legal entity under public law, or special fund under public law, or has no place of jurisdiction in the United Kingdom, the place of jurisdiction for all disputes between SYNAXON and the member in connection with the use of SYNMARKET shall be SYNAXON.
8.2 Change of the terms and conditions
Each member will be informed about the change of the Terms and Conditions at least 14 days before the change of the Terms and Conditions via an by SYNAXON generated email. The member must explicitly accept the new Terms and Conditions on their next platform visit for them to take effect. If the member does not accept the new Terms and Conditions, SYNAXON may deny the member further access to the platform and terminate the membership.
8.3 Written form
All statements, that are submitted in the context of the contract of use concluded with SYNAXON, must be made in writing only.
8.4 Applicable law
The law of the United Kingdom applies excluding the UN sales law.