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What are the advantages of SYNMARKET?
SYNMARKET is the B2B marketplace for IT solutions, products and events. Its main advantages are:
  • Increased visibility: Present potential business partners in detail your company and your problem-solving skills and increase your visibility in search engines like Google.
  • Sales Support: Offer your solutions to market participants or find customized solutions at preferential rates.
  • Sell ​​hardware on SYNMARKET and in EGIS at the same time, the successful purchase module of SYNAXON.
  • Event Management: Provide trainings, seminars or workshops to SYNAXON and non-SYNAXON members or benefit from the existing offers.
  • New Business Contacts: Browse structured profiles of other market participants.
  • Transparency: Rate solutions or products and expertise from the experience of others.
  • Data Control: You control what others should know about you and determine how your information is treated confidentially.
What are the costs of SYNMARKET?
  1. We charge a fee of 2 percent of the net selling price of each product sale. The commission is paid by the seller. The account of the commission happens monthly. The basis for the monthly billing are the information stored in the SYNMARKET database. In case of a cancellation we provide a credit.
  2. The presentation and provision of IT solutions and events is free.
How can I participate?
  • Each SYNAXON member with an EGIS login can directly sign in with this login in SYNMARKET.
  • If you are a member but do not have an EGIS login or have forgotten the login information, simply contact the EGIS Support: 0300 304 7844
  • Users who are not SYNAXON members currently receive no login to SYNMARKET. But you can view profiles and publicly accessible parts of the solutions on the platform.
Who can see my profile data?
The basic information about your company such as master data and your offered products, solutions and events are published by SYNMARKET. For other parts of your company profile, you can decide whether they are publicly visible.

Published information can be accessed and viewed from any internet user and therefore also by search engines. The more information you post, the more search engines like Google and Bing will find about you. In addition, more information about your company will help to get in contact with interesting new business partners.

For SYNAXON all information of your company profile are visible. The information support business cooperation between you and SYNAXON. For example, you may not want to disclose information such as sales data for certain manufacturers and yet give SYNAXON the opportunity to supply you based on this information to create leads of manufacturers or otherwise assist you in your business. Therefore, it is advisable to fill in all areas of the company profile.
How can I sell products?
Each member can offer products on SYNMARKET. If the product is sold, the seller pays 2% of the net price of products sold to SYNAXON. There are no other costs. To offer a product, simply click on the menu item "Products" and the submenu item "Offer new product." You will be guided by a wizard through the installation of a product in 4 steps. Products are published by SYNMARKET and are also searchable in EGIS.

In addition, products can also be imported via CSV file. You only need to define the structure of your CSV file once and import them immediately afterwards. You get to import via the menu "Products - Import Products".
How can I buy products?
Products can be purchased online via SYNMARKET. The purchase is only possible for logged in users (SYNAXON membership required).
How can I offer solutions?
Each partner can offer solutions. This is for free. Just click the menu item "solutions" and the submenu "Offer new solution" and fill in the appropriate fields. Solutions are published and are visible to all Internet users, including Google and other search engines.
How can I buy solutions?
The purchase process of a solution is not supported by SYNMARKET. Solutions can only be presented and viewed. So the interested party must contact the seller and discuss the next steps. However, it is possible to evaluate solutions.